Hey, I just wanted to spread some love to a couple Hetalians out there that I’m sure most of the fandom are already familiar with, but they still deserve some recognition, I think!

I just wanna say that Qichi, Shadzu, Spacedrunk, and Beek, four names that I’m sure majority of ya’ll recognize like holy shIT, are all absolutely wonderful fuckin’ people who are very prominent in the hetalia fandom (especially if ya’ll are in with the 2p side of things.)

I (as well as many others, I know) would love to thank Qichi for… well, in the simplest terms, helping me accept and feel okay with my kinks and stuff. She’s helped me understand them more, be more comfortable with myself, and let me and others know that I have no need whatsoever to be ashamed of any kinks I have, because they’re all perfectly natural and fine!! And I cannot express how grateful I am for that. 

Beek, Spacedrunk, and Shadzu— have you seen their art? They’re all so fan-fuckin’-tastic, and as an aspiring artist myself, I can’t even put into words how inspiring their art is. Their art blogs/tags are the most frequently visited places by me, and I’m always in awe at their styles and doodles and just everything they do??? So gorgeous and aldkfjaf I hope I’m as creative and skilled as they are some day.

All four of these people are so goddamn wonderful. They’re all unique and friendly and unbelievably amazing and kind and I don’t think I’ll ever stop gushing over them aaaaaa such good, wonderful and cute people aaaaa

I really wish I could say more, because there really IS so much I wanna say to them/about them, but my vocabulary when flustered dwindles pitifully, so I hope this message will do for now!!